Falling Leaves, Sweaters and PSLs

7 Pairs of Editor-Approved Boots to Rock This Fall — StyleCaster

So, definitely need to get my hands on at least one of these cute fall booties…

While many are thinking of pumpkin spice lattes and their annual apple-picking excursions, as usual, we have fashion on the brain—namely the boots we’ll be wearing this fall. The pairs from heritage British label Clarks are the latest to land on our radar, with a range that includes ankle booties, knee-high styles, and platforms. Fitting for…

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Bye Vacation, Bye Summer


I’ve been back to work for about two weeks now since I returned from our amazing vacation to the Philippines.  I’m now working on trying to organize our photos and videos so I can finally share them with you all!  Can’t wait to show them!

In the mean time, I’ve changed my theme to fit with the changing season.  The summer sunshine is slowly going away and I’m starting to feel the autumn chills in the morning and late in the evenings.  However, excited to wear my new Timberland boots, a new Vero Moda trench and Moussy parka! yay!

Stay tuned!


One Week Away!

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Next Monday, on the evening of August 15, Ray and I will be on the plane en route to Cebu, Philippines for the next 3 weeks!

I’ve been looking forward to this vacation now since we booked in April, and I cannot believe it’s only 7 days away.  The rest of the family leaves about four hours after we do, while a couple will be leaving the day before.  I’m so excited to finally see Cebu, and much more excited to be with Ray and his family.

That being said, this week will be pretty hectic getting all my projects in line at work, and distributing the work to the ones who’ll cover for me while I’m gone.   I don’t want to over pack, so I need to find time this week to go through all of my outfits and ensure I’m not bringing clothing I won’t end up wearing!  One thing that’ll make that a bit difficult is the amount of rain to be expected while we’re there.  Do I bring jeans? Do I bring a light jacket? Do I bring actual shoes?  Lots to think about this week!  I have my nail appointment this Saturday which I’m extremely excited about!  It’s been about four years since I last had gel nails done, hence the amount of excitement I’ve got.  Not to mention, I’ve chosen to do a marble stone design as well.

Another excitement:  Can’t wait to experience flying with Star Alliance’s new addition to their family – EVA Air. We’ll be flying with EVA from Seattle > Taipei > Cebu.  I’ve read many great things about EVA and have yet to read/hear anything negative.

Lots of things to do and finish up this week! Hopefully this week will zip by and I’ll be on a plane before I know it!



My ‘morning’ every day, and hopefully, for a very long time to come.

Okay, the scenery isn’t my every day morning (I wish!), but the man is!

My love every morning, daytime and night time❤ (Photo:  Bahamas, Feb. 2015)


Drugstore Smackdown: 5 Face Wipes, 1 Ultimate Winner — StyleCaster

I’ve been using makeup removing wipes for years and I love it.  I’ve used Pond’s, Neutrogena, Olay, Garnier and a few other drug store brands.  I have yet to experience anything negative with any brand of makeup wipes.  I haven’t had any breakouts or weird skin reactions to any, other than maybe some mild burning in my eye when I remove my eye makeup – this was actually from the generic brand that Shoppers Drug Mart carries, and not an actual cosmetic brand – lesson learnt.

I’m sure a lot of people would probably say my routine of ‘face washing’ doesn’t clean my face at all:  at night, I use wipes to remove my makeup.. That’s it.  I may rinse with cold water after, but that’s honestly it.  No other products are put on to my face.  This routine has never failed me and has always worked for me.  If you’ve seen any of my previous posts regarding skin care, I’ve been pretty lucky to have great skin with no problems.   Hence, I will continue to use makeup remover wipes for as long as they exist (which I am hoping is forever!)

Tom Medvedich Face wipes might be one of the most maligned beauty products you can pick up at the drugstore—they’ve been accused of harming the environment, leaving skin dry and irritated, and doing little else than smearing dirt around your face. But for every knock, I can counter with nearly twice as many ways they’ve become…

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